Recycling Services

DSI/LSI provides the following recycling services.
  • Flexible recycling programs. These include everything from single and two-sort residential/multi-family programs to a pure mixed fiber program and lose or baled cardboard pick-up.
  • We accept plastics #1 thru #7, this includes food, beverage and packing materials. We ARE NOT able to accept plastic bags, packing peanuts, styrofoam or Tupperware containers. Please call our office at 952-469-2239 if you have any questions.
  • We also haul other special recycling materials – DSI can haul it all.
  • Educational resources: Educational materials and signage are available upon request. Also, check out our resources section to get more information from other businesses and organizations.
  • DSI/LSI hauls these recyclable materials: cardboard, newspaper, mags, junk mail, phonebooks, office paper, wood, food waste, yard waste and brush, landscape waste, concrete, asphalt, glass, aluminum, tin, steel and plastic.
Recycling Truck
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