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At Dick’s Sanitation/Lakeville Sanitation (“DSI/LSI“ ) we believe our most important asset is the people who make up our company.  Our standards and objectives are high.  We are committed to the team philosophy and believe that our common effort will build an organization of which we can be proud.

As a family owned company since 1966 that started with one route and one truck, we have grown to over 140 employees and operate 90 trucks. Our company offers a wide variety of services, including: residential, multi-family, commercial, compactor, and roll-off services.

We continue to grow and evolve with the following Operating Philosophy: 

At DSI/LSI we are committed to the continual fulfillment of these principles through teamwork.  Teamwork empowers individuals to achieve and innovate by vesting in them the authority to act and the responsibility for results.  Improved communication encourages cooperation and involvement in the pursuit of common objectives. 

It is the QUALITY of our EMPLOYEES that ensures the FUTURE of our company.  Come join us! 

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