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Fill the yellow lid, Recycle More… Recycle Well Intro Photo

Apr 27

Fill the yellow lid, Recycle More… Recycle Well

What’s inside your can

Recycling is a commitment, a commitment to future generations and our environment. Have you recently looked inside your trash and recycling can recently? Is garbage in your recycling can and recycling in your garbage can? Make a commitment to change what is placed into your garbage and recycling cans. To find what should be recycled, click here:

Clean recycling is the end goal

As a community we think that if recycling is good then more recycling is better. Single Stream recycling has made it more convenient to recycle, but to truly Recycle Well means so much more. Placing recyclables only into your yellow lid recycling container ensures that we collect more recyclables and reduce what we dispose of in a landfill. Recycling Well is only part of the process in reducing waste you place into your garbage can.

Looking Forward

We must not lose sight of the actual goal: to lessen the overall environmental impacts of the waste we produce. If we look at the bigger picture, we see that success doesn’t necessarily mean recycling more material but also disposing of less. This means looking at the products we purchase and how we purchase them. The success of recycling means a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to make new products or extraction of raw materials. Recycling is one way to achieve this goal. As we all strive to achieve our overall environmental goals, recycling is just one tool in our environmental toolbox and managing what we purchase in the first place matters later when recycling or disposing of it.