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Recycle Well: Why don’t we take plastic bags? Intro Photo

Jul 14

Recycle Well: Why don’t we take plastic bags?

There are so many recycling myths and misunderstandings floating around about what can be recycled, and how to do it, that this seems like a great time for a RECYCLE WELL lesson. Let’s begin.

Plastic bags, can they be recycled?

The answer is YES they can, but they require a different collection system than our curbside recycling program. Our system is designed to take hard materials that our machines can separate. Softer items, such as plastic bags, can become tangled in our machinery and damage it. Plastic bags can be returned to most retailers in collection bins usually found close to the main entrance of the store.

You can also go to to find a place near you to return your plastic bags.

And remember - you can always choose paper bags (which we will gladly recycle for you) or purchase resuable bags.