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2019 Recycle Schedule

Jan 18

2019 Recycle Schedule

Do you have a hard time remembering when your recycling is picked up? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ve got you covered.

Click here to access our 2019 recycle calendar. To find out if you are a “red” or “gold” week call our…

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Go Paperless with DSI!

Jan 02

Go Paperless with DSI!

Looking for a way to save some time and money? You’re in luck! We are offering a one-time $10 credit* to customers who sign up for both electronic statements and automatic payment. Simply fill out this form and return it to jnielsen@dickssanitation.com

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Recycle Well – Thank you! Intro Photo

Nov 27

Recycle Well – Thank you!

Once again in 2018, Recycle Minnesota processed more material than any year in the past. We continue to remain below state levels for contamination. As the Holiday Season approaches, please continue to RECYCLE WELL – keep Holiday Lights and Wrapping Paper out of your Recycle Cart. To find out what…

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Well Intro Photo

Aug 24

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Well

In a nation where the average person produces 4.4 pounds of waste per day, we should all be doing our part to recycle well. However, there are other ways to lend Mother Earth a helping hand. First and foremost, we can lessen the amount of waste we produce simply by consuming less. There are infinite…

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Going Green doesn’t Come by Luck! Intro Photo

Mar 15

Going Green doesn’t Come by Luck!

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated the 17th of March every year. The holiday originated in Ireland as a religious holiday after the death of Saint Patrick; however it is now celebrated across the world in honor of the Irish culture. Each year millions of Americans celebrate the holiday by…

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Single Stream Recycling Intro Photo

Sep 16

Single Stream Recycling

What is Single Stream Recycling? Remember the days of sorting your recycling into paper bags in a tiny bin?? Those days are over and have been replaced by that container with the yellow lid. This process, SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING, allows for everything — aluminum cans, cereal boxes, the…

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EXTRA EXTRA… Properly bag your yard waste Intro Photo

May 19

EXTRA EXTRA… Properly bag your yard waste

When you have more yard waste than your cart will hold or you are on a “on call only” service, please remember to use the paper compostable bags. These mix in well with the compost process and decompose making the final compost product clean, plus the composting…

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Delivering MORE Than SERVICE… Sustainability Intro Photo

May 11

Delivering MORE Than SERVICE… Sustainability

At DSI, we are about more than picking up your trash or recyclables. We put thought into protecting our environment while collecting your trash and recyclables. As part of our continual sustainability goal of converting our collection fleet from diesel…

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