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DSI/LSI Do's and Don'ts




Time of Pick-Up

Residential: Place cart curbside by 6:30 am or the evening before your day of service. 

Wait for the truck to pass by.

Cart Placement 

Place your carts at least 3 feet apart from each other and all other obstacles such as mailboxes, trees, basketball hoops, cars, etc. Lid opening should face towards the street. 

Place in close proximity of each other and obstructions, such as cars, mailboxes, trees, etc. 

Pen Areas & Dumpster Rooms

Keep pen clean, without obstructions, free of snow - both inside and in front of the gates. Salt the dumpster area to avoid ice build up. 

Plow snow into pen or against gate. Let ice build up in and around dumpster area. 

Yard Waste

Use paper, compostable bags or a DSI yard waste cart. Follow the yard waste disposal do's and don'ts to ensure proper removal and disposal. 

Put yard waste in plastic trash bags. Throw yard waste in your trash cart. 

Brush & Branches

Tie in 3 ft x 1 ft bundles and place cubside. 

Leave unbundled or in budles larger than 3 ft x 1 ft. 

Electronics & Appliances

Call our office: several options are available.

Throw TVs, computers, monitors, stereos, VCRs & other electronics that contain dangerous heavy metals into your trash cart. 

Fluorescent Bulbs

Call our office for proper disposal options.

Place fluorescent bulbs in your trash cart or dumpster. 

Hazardous/Industrial Waste materials

Call our office for proper disposal options.

Place hazardous waste materials in your trash cart or dumpster.


Call us for any questions/concerns, billing issues, or just to notify us that we are doing a great job.

Sign other agreements or agree to any special deals from any other haulers without calling us first; we will work with you and/or your business.

Holiday Schedule

Residential Customers: Service will be delayed by one day starting on the holiday of that week. 

Commercial Customers: All containers will be serviced on schedule and without interruption, with the exception of Christmas Day. 

Important Note: If an observed holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, service will run on schedule/uninterrupted.  

Observed Holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.