Commercial Trash Compactors

In Lakeville, Minnesota and surrounding areas, if your business produces a large volume of trash, you may want to consider a compactor unit that compacts trash on-site. Dick's Sanitation has experienced commercial service representatives who can help you customize & select a compactor that best suits your needs.

Commercial Trash Compactor

Commercial Trash Compactor Solutions

It's essential to find an efficient waste management solution when your business produces a significant amount of trash. That's where our compactor units come in. These powerful machines can compact trash on-site, reducing its volume and optimizing space utilization.

Our team of experienced commercial service representatives is here to assist you in selecting and customizing customizing the right compactor to meet your specific requirements. We understand that every business is unique, and we have the expertise to guide you through the process.

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Ordering A Commercial Trash Compactor

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Compactor Uses

An Industrial Trash Compactor Is Ideal For...

  • Wet refuse

    Food waste, plant waste, residential waste, organic waste and other damp or moist types of waste
  • Dry refuse

    Paper goods, cardboard boxes, wood and glass
  • Bulky refuse

    Pallets, crates, appliances, furniture and other large or unwieldy items
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